• State of Matter

State of Matter

Eight men go to the edge of physical possibility in this breathtaking synthesis of contemporary and breakdance from Rayne Award-winning choreographer Tamsin Fitzgerald. Expect unpredictable and explosive movement throughout…prepare for the unexpected.

‘A total whammy of gasp inducing dance’ – The Herald

  • Choreographer
  • Tamsin Fitzgerald

Nitin Sawhney
Aphex Twin
Daft Punk
Paolo Nutini
Rufus and Martha Wainwright
Basement Jaxx
Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn
Cold Play
Jurrassic 5

  • Lighting Design
  • James Mackenzie
  • Costume Design
  • Kevin Muscat
  • Original Cast
  • Johnny Autin
  • Nathan French
  • Winston Pyke
  • Jake Nwogu
  • Adam Rutherford
  • Ali Temple


55 Minutes


Zoo Southside, Edinburgh Festival Fringe August 2007

  • Founded in 1999 by choreographer Tamsin Fitzgerald to keep the local lads out of trouble, 2Faced has a unique quality: not only do they know their way around an L-kick and other impressive break dance moves, but Fitzgerald has also schooled them in the art of contemporary dance. A little resistant at first, the company has clearly embraced the style with two strong arms.

    Now, the line where street dance stops and contemporary dance begins is distinctly blurred. They’ve also added Parkour (a form of free running) into the mix, giving an even more athletic edge.

    Contemporary dance can be a hard sell to newcomers, but dressed up in a package like this, it’s pretty much palatable to all. The choice of venue alone is a signal that these guys are ready to entertain the masses, having played more dance-focused theatres in the past.

    Wearing smart black suits, before stripping down to white vests and then bare chests, it’s easy to see why 2Faced are such a hit with teenage girls. Yet looking good is only part of the package. The moments of tight unison set them apart from their former selves, as they leap, somersault and dive across the stage in perfect time. While the show really comes alive when they’re dancing to beat-heavy dance music, they’re equally at home with classical piano and pop. There’s still room for growth, but if the company continues to improve at this rate, they’ll soon be a force to be reckoned with.

    The Scotsman
  • Breakdance/contemporary fusion hits the spot

    Following last year’s pattern of hip hop informed acrobatics, ragged yet stunning male ensemble dancing and spectacular solos, 2Faced Dance Company has tightened up its structure and enhanced the showmanship. It remains a forceful display of masculine prowess, leaping and twirling and moving the audience to spontaneous ovations.  The non-stop energy is overwhelming, an ecstatic celebration of the body’s potential and contemporary dance’s ability to incorporate break dance and delight an all-ages audience. An hour of fun and drama, astonishing jumps, head-spins and catches, this young company is a bright hope for the future of male dance: unashamedly popular, yet intelligent and rightly confident of their power, ferocity and technique.

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