• Politicking Oath

Politicking-Oath takes its starting point in the spirit and emotion expressed by the Olympic Oath, Olympic Anthem and National Anthems. The work seeks to open up and deconstruct their surfaces, inviting associated realms and allowing their sound and physical psyche to emerge to the foreground. In a close relationship, choreographer and composer explore parallel ways of materializing these departure points in both dance and music. In movement, random Olympic events create a template for physical language, utilizing principle rules and intent that gives an insight into the prowess and complex beings we are. The musical/sound realm deepens into the energy contained in the oath, anthems and sport sounds by means of freezing, fragmenting or layering, and breaking the border between them and the real world.

  • Choreographer
  • Freddie Opoku-Addaie
  • Composer
  • Alberto Bernal
  • Lighting Design
  • James Mackenzie
  • Costume Design
  • Claire Milinczuk
  • Original Cast
  • Nathan French
  • Daniel Lowenstein
  • Lewis Wilkins

Politicking Oath formed part of a triple bill In The Dust with Subterrania and 7.0


Politicking Oath 20 minutes

Zoo Southside, Edinburgh Festival Fringe August 2011

  • Politicking Oath, a creation by Place Prize finalist Freddie Opoku-Addaie, gives a courteous nod to the London 2012 Olympic Games and, with barely weeks to go, it’s certainly a topical work. Three men enter, each clutching what appear to be random objects (a pig mask, an alarm clock and a pair of running shoes), and lie down on the floor. They’re sleeping. But then comes the dreaded alarm, not just once but several times, like a series of false starts on the running track. National pride and identity arise and Alerto Bernal’s tightly-mixed score, mixed with sports commentary and speeches from national figures, begins to sound like a broken record. Against that backdrop, a simple game of piggy in the middle starts to relay a hidden message of politics or Politicking of human nature on a global scale.

    Public Reviews
  • Talent and energy abound in 2Faced Dance’s triple bill, In the Dust. Time was, this group hit the Fringe as a bunch of eager lads from a community-based project where break-dancing was the mainstay of the programme and was showcased in short bursts of individual power moves. Now the group arrives as a professional touring company – all-male, still – but with a skills base that encompasses contemporary dance alongside the street styles and with choreography that many other outfits would envy.

    The Herald
  • There’s an immediate energy to In the Dust, a new triple bill by 2Faced Dance Company. This all-male troupe mixes hip-hop moves with contemporary dance, creating a muscular, confident style. These works show none of the joins that can plague crossover projects. The dancers have an easy athleticism, at home with everything from street dance acrobatics to mooching contemporary steps.

    The Independent
  • Some dance shows make you itch to jump up and start dancing; without any doubt In the Dust is one of these shows. 2Faced Dance Company mesmerizes the audience with a triple bill of contemporary dance interwoven with break dance and some capoeira. As the eight dancers of this male company swept the stage with jumps, pirouettes and nervous jogs, the energy propelled from the performers to the spectators was palpable.

    The Skinny

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