Subterrania – The Herald

Dale’s ability to fill an empty space with the brooding menace of urban shadowlands is to the fore: that shimmer of threat compounded by a hint that some alien invading force is in the offing. The eight performers ratchet up the tensions in Dale’s fierce vocabulary of edgy, urgent moves where bodies are like coiled springs, ready to unleash lethally athletic dance.

The Herald

Some dance shows make you itch to jump up and start dancing; without any doubt In the Dust is one of these shows. 2Faced Dance Company mesmerizes the audience with a triple bill of contemporary dance interwoven with break dance and some capoeira. As the eight dancers of this male company swept the stage with jumps, pirouettes and nervous jogs, the energy propelled from the performers
to the spectators was palpable.

The Skinny

There’s an immediate energy to In the Dust, a new triple bill by 2Faced Dance Company. This all-male troupe mixes hip-hop moves with contemporary dance, creating a muscular, confident style. These works show none of the joins that can plague crossover projects. The dancers have an easy athleticism, at home with everything from street dance acrobatics to mooching contemporary steps.

The Independent

They hit the ground running in Tom Dale’s Subterrania, a piece which explores the pulsating rhythms and heavy basslines of electro DJ Shackleton. The full company are enlisted to bang about, as loud as they can, causing a creative riot on stage. Together, they are dynamic, athletic, powerful: the essence of man? But it’s true that you can have too much of a good thing: in this case, virile bodies in an enclosed space for an extended period of time; there’s simply not enough room for all of them and their bustling energy. In fact, they nearly knock down The Albany’s walls with their power! As a result, some of the movement, and the abundance of energy that comes with it is lost, at times.

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