• I.D. Night

When I was first put in charge of I.D. Emerging Dance Artists Night I was hugely excited but also a tad nervous as I had never organized an event on this scale before but I was more than up for the challenge.

I quickly compiled a list of things that I had to do from initially getting the event out there to the artists who would hopefully be performing, and also to the audience, to setting deadlines for when each thing had to be finished. Ideas flooded to paper from everyone in the 2Faced office and we quickly started to make them happen. I started by creating an event page on Facebook and invited anyone who I thought might be interested in seeing this or performing at it and made sure that the reach was as big as it possibly could be. I then contacted Dancing Opportunities to advertise for us which is where I think most of our applications came from as they have a huge outreach, not only in the UK but also Internationally. Applications were soon coming in from all over the world and this had a huge affect on my confidence as it began to feel real and also I now had people who I had no connection with asking to perform at a night that I was in charge of.

Along the way there were ideas that sounded great in the beginning but they didn’t get the chance to fully blossom or just didn’t work out this time including having a contact jam at the end of the night which I was really looking forward to but which didn’t end up happening on the night. In fact on the night itself the event did seem very nicely rounded off and finished well and possibly trying to squeeze in a contact jam could have been the wrong thing to do.
The things that were of most value to me during this process were having the people around me to tell me what was a good idea and what wasn’t, as knowing what I’m like, I could have spent a lot of valuable time chasing after something that in the end may not have been at all worth it. This was one of the biggest learning curves for me as I am usually someone who aims a bit too high and focuses so much on getting that one thing that I end up completely forgetting about the basic foundations that we would need to hold the night together. So this really has taught me to get all of the essentials dealt with and solidified first and then I can start to look at the bigger ideas that might add something to the night but is not essential.

On the approach to the night I did get a few emails from people who we had invited like programmers saying that unfortunately they couldn’t make it but in the last few days we had a huge push on Social Media which really seemed to grab people probably to do with the regularity of the posts and they all seemed to get a good reach. Everything really fell into place and we had no worries on the days before which was brilliant to have it all coming together so smoothly.
We had a small scare on the morning of the performance when it came to having a dance floor but luckily enough we all acted very quickly and sorted the issue swiftly and then got to setting up for the night.

As I had been on tour with Dreaming in Code on the weeks leading up to this doing the get ins and the get outs the get in for the night went really quickly and everything quickly fell into place. Throughout the day and the evening everything went amazingly including the tech runs and making sure I knew what I had to read out before each performer performed.

The show arrived and I don’t think that the nerves really got a chance to hit me as it all happened so fast so all of a sudden I was in the centre of the space with the audience in front of me and I was introducing the event and the first act. The whole night was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the acts and actually had fun being the compare for the night, I managed to make the audience laugh which was good enough for me!
After the show was over I got a chance to talk to some of the audience members as they were leaving and also some of the performers came to see me and gave me feedback on the night. All of the feedback that I got was very positive and everyone who had been involved in the night had a great time and were pleased to have been a part of the event.

Overall I thought that this was a hugely valuable and successful experience that I look forward to doing again and building on when it next comes around in February with our night for Emerging Female Artists.


By Kieran Shannon,

Apprentice Dancer, 2Faced Dance


The next I.D. Night is open to emerging female artists from across all arts genres and will take place at The Courtyard on Sunday 20 March. To apply to perform, please send a CV, a short paragraph of why you should be selected and a video link to any previous works or material to david.durant@courtyard.org.uk or post it to: David Durant, Associate Director, The Courtyard Arts Centre, Edgar Street, Hereford, HR4 9JR

The deadline for applications is Friday 19 February at 5pm.

For more information about this event please visit The Courtyard’s website at https://www.courtyard.org.uk/events/i-d-all-female-night/