Bursary Application Form

2Faced Dance Company are delighted to be able to offer a small number of bursaries thanks to sponsorship from local businesses. These bursaries are to be awarded to students who find it difficult to meet their fees due to the following circumstances:-

  • Low income
  • Recent unemployment or redundancy
  • Gifted and Talented Identification through Youth and Junior companies

If you would like to apply for a bursary, please include a copy of the following documentation with the attached application form. Any documentation included with your application will be kept confidentially:

  • Letter of entitlement
  • Jobseeker’s benefit letter
  • Singing-on card
  • Any other documentation which may substantiate your claim

Terms and Conditions

  • Bursaries will be assessed by the 2Faced Dance Board on a termly basis.
  • Each bursary will last for one year.
  • Students must attend all sessions during the year.
  • Students can apply for a bursary every two years. Please note that bursary applications will not be considered on consecutive years.

Our Kick Start Business Award scheme runs in partnership with a number of local businesses in Hereford. A Kick Start Community Class Bursary covers the amount of £180 providing access to one year of dance classes on 2Faced Dance’s community class programme. A Kick Start Gifted and Talented Bursary covers up to £360 covering a year’s provision of junior or youth dance training. Please note the bursary that 2Faced Dance is able to offer your child is dependent on the bursaries that are available due to local business sponsorship at the time of application.

Attendance to all sessions during the year is a condition of the bursary. If your child does not complete the year of classes they will not be able to apply for a bursary from 2Faced Dance Company in the future.

Spring Term 2015 Deadline: Thursday 15 January 2015 (midday)

Summer Term 2015 Deadline: Thursday 14 May 2015 (midday)

If you wish to speak to anyone regarding your application please contact Sarah Rogers on 01432 276807 or email education@2faceddance.co.uk