• Getting Ready to RUN

Since joining 2Faced Dance Company in May, it’s fair to say that a lot has happened. As well as a number of performances of the outdoor piece Kapow, we have been busy creating our new and upcoming production, RUN.


RUN is a brand new triple bill of work, with three new exhilarating commissions by world class choreographers Tamsin Fitzgerald, Lenka Vagnerová and Rebecca Evans. RUN explores the darker side of humanity, through an explosion of movement, theatre and design.


The first piece we created was Fallen Angels, choreographed by Lenka Vagnerova. What instantly struck me about Lenka was her passion for the work. Every rehearsal where we were mentally and physically exhausted and didn’t feel like our bodies were going to be able to withstand another run through of the piece, Lenka with her encouraging words and energy in the studio would give us all the boost that we would need to carry on.


A typical rehearsal day with Lenka would start with class at 9:30, which would prepare us for the day ahead. Lenka would incorporate her unique movement vocabulary into her class, as a means of helping us become more familiar with it as it appears often in the piece. Her fluidity in and out of the floor, as well as her combination of flexibility and strength was something that was really inspiring for us in the studio, as it was so different to what we were used to. After class we would then start creating movement, either through tasks that Lenka would assign to us, or we would learn some choreography she had already created. To have the opportunity for this ‘play time’, meant that we could create and try things out without thinking that it had to be an end product. We spent two weeks simply creating, resulting in having a vast amount of material already created. The next two weeks were spent putting this material together and creating the final piece. Any ideas were welcome, and anything that didn’t work Lenka would say, ‘maybe for the next project!’ and we would try something else. This made for a great working environment, and I think that we were really able to get the most out of the time.


Rebecca Evans was the second choreographer to come in, and she created the duet The Other. While not directly involved in the creation process, it was exciting to be there and get a glimpse at the end of each week how it was going. While in my first year at Central school of Ballet I worked with Rebecca, and it always amazes me how small the dance world is when you bump into people again! The duet incorporates five goblet like lights, which turn on and off based on the movement of the lights. The duet is performed beautifully by dancers Jack and Jay and I can’t wait to see it on stage.


The final piece that we created was Tamsin Fitzgerald’s piece From Above. Alongside a powerful score composed by Angus MacRae, three huge light boxes all manoeuvred by us and a driving physicality throughout, this high energy piece was really great fun to make.


The four of us all have the chance to demonstrate our own movement qualities, and it was really great to have the freedom when creating material for the work. At the beginning of the creation process, Tamsin explained her idea about the light boxes. This was very hard to imagine, as it was something so spectacular and unique that there wasn’t really anything that we compared it to! The air conditioning unit in the studio, and a model made up of two ballet barres and some dance floor were what we used to try replicate it, and I think we did a pretty good job with it! While a lot of the material relied on the light boxes, of course we weren’t able to solidify this until we had time in the theatre to work with them. When in the theatre it was great fun working out how quickly we could move the light boxes around, and this time of play again was essential in the final outcome. The combination of working with prop and set as well as complex choreography was a first for me, and provided me with invaluable experience that I will keep with me in the future.


It has been a tiring and physically exhausting journey, full of ups and downs but the sense of achievement thus far has made it all worth it. This will be my first time performing on stage with 2Faced Dance company, and I am very excited to get started!


By Kai Tomioka, Dance Artist with 2Faced Dance Company