The Company


By 2020, 2Faced Dance Company will be a worldwide leader in the production of breath-taking, physical and inspirational dance.


2Faced Dance Company produces innovative, accomplished and aspirational artistic performance and participation programmes alongside a captivating community dance programme that truly reflects the landscape in which we are based, allowing us to tell new and original stories, generating distinctive new work, whilst striving to stay relevant to our audiences. The company tours extensively across the UK and internationally aiming to work with cutting edge and culturally diverse designers, venues, organisations and people. We aim to support and mentor local artists whilst advocating on behalf of the wider dance sector and challenging and inspiring different sectors of society.

The company seeks to invest in three strands of work over the next three years:


Learning & Participation

Talent development

Developing these areas of growth, building new partnerships and experiencing differing artistic collaborations will all help to push the company forward into a new phase, innovating and producing excellence.

“2Faced Dance are a vibrant part of the West Midlands dance scene and a nationwide success for touring venues, which is an exceptionally rare thing these days.”

David Massingham, Director Dancexchange